We picked out the 8 earphones we like,
and make a simple collection.

This webpage was created by we two earphone collectors, J and L.
The following part will briefly introduce the earphones with different types and models we collected.

Collector J:
Girlish style.

Apple Earpods

Unlike traditional, circular earbuds,
the design of the EarPods is defined
by the geometry of the ear. Which makes
them more comfortable for more people
than any other earbud-style headphones.
The speakers inside the EarPods have been
engineered to maximise sound output and
minimise sound loss, which means you get
high-quality audio.
The EarPods also include a built-in remote
that lets you adjust the volume, control
the playback of music and video, and
answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord.

Mi In-Ear Headphones

Excellent sound quality begins with
the diaphragm, which is embedded at
the heart of any headphone.
The 3rd gen balanced damping improves
airflow to deliver proportioned
outflows for the front and back chambers.
To optimize mid-range and bass performance,
the designers modified the classic transmi
-ssion line enclosure design with a patented sound chamber.

Sony MDRZX110

Lightweight 30mm neodymium dynamic
driver units enable the headphones
to deliver a punchy, rhythmic
response to even the most demanding
track. Combined with a highly
sensitive diaphragm, you’ll be
able to turn the headphones up
louder – without the need for
an amp – and still enjoy clear,
precise audio across the spectrum.

Marley Smile Jamaica

Get moving with your favorite
melodies. The Smile Jamaica in-ear
headphones offer solid construction
with FSC®-Certified Wood and
recyclable aluminum housings,
vibrant color choices, and noise
-isolating design to keep you
connected to your music. You can
rely on the comfort and deep, clear
sound to keep you smiling day after day.

Collector L:
Handsome style.

Bose Qc20

Bose is a famous band which makes
noise canceling earphones and headphones.
Qc20 is made in Aug 2013. It has a small
Moduel which contains the noise canceling
control for users to open or close.
This function can reduce the noise from world.
It can shut out the world and make you dive
in your music world and enjoy it.
This earphones has two versions, one for
Android, one for Apple which is named Qc20i.

Bose Qc30

Qc30 is another earphones which
have noise canceling function in Bose.
Qc30 has bluetooth to connect with your
device, it is more convinent than Qc20.


Urbeats is made by Beats in 2015.
Urbeats is for people who like hip-hop
or jazz music. It has really high quality music.
Urbeats is really fashion and brilliant.


BeatX is made by Beats in 2016.
BeatsX is for iPhone7 customers,
it has the iPhone7 cabel which is easy
for them to use on their phone. Another
version is Bluetooth version which users
can use bluetooth to connect their device